New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.

Shaping Your Legacy
  • "For a decade now you have been true to your word; the woods have been true to your prediction and we have received exactly what we anticipated in terms of quality of work, management of the stands, compensation as landowners and the management of loggers and truckers."
    -Tod of Washington, Vermont
  • "NEFCo has been invaluable to me as a proud, private landowner of 210+ acres of "family land" in the town of Hillsborough."
    -Ellen M. Edwards of Hillsborough, New Hampshire
  • "Before Fred started working for us our woodlands were more of a hit or   miss operation. We didn't have any positive goals until we formed C.L.T. Co. Fred worked the woodlands; doing boundary work, deed research, handled a  difficult timber trespass, planned and made profitable timber harvests, always 100% for us. Of all persons I have worked with Fred is the most trusted and respected."
    -Bob Carlson, C.L.T. Co. of Maine
  • "My mother first contacted Fred Huntress back in 1980, shortly after my father died to conduct an appraisal of a piece land that he left her. He not only appraised the land in a manner that fully satisfied the IRS, but he also advised her that she should have some cutting done to clear out dying spruce and open up the forest for more valuable trees. As a result she was able to realize some money to help pay the inheritance tax without being forced to sell any acreage. Over the next 20 years Mr. Huntress was her consulting forester. He arranged for at least one harvest on the land, helped her get the property registered under the state tree growth property tax law and helped her start the process of turning the property over to me as part of her estate planning process."
    -Philip J. Abbott Auburn, Maine
  • "Three years ago, we became new owners of forest land in both, Stow and Lovell Maine through inheritance. In an effort to be good stewards of these woodlands, we contacted Don Feeney of NEFCo for assistance. Don met with us and did an excellent job explaining the options available. He surveyed the land, making sure our boundaries were clearly marked, and came up with a management plan. He also acquired the right contractors to do some thinning on the land, and followed through to insure our satisfaction. Don has helped us better understand what is involved with maintaining good forestry practices in Maine. With the continued support of Don Feeney and his group we plan to enjoy the benefits of good forestry management - enjoying our property for years to come."
    -Tamsen O'Neil, Chester, CA & K. Bryan, Claremont, NH
  • "Don, I really don't know how many years we have been with NEFCo, but I   suspect it has been since it's inception or the years just before Norman Gray's death in May of 1991. We have always been very carefully helped in so many ways by both you and Fred Huntress over the years. Thanks for the forest boundary work, the selective cutting we have done, the management plans that have been devised and FOLLOWED for all these years to lead us to much better forest management, healthy and productive forests and even with the guidance and evaluations for the purchase (or not) of woodlots. We have been very happy with the results of several logging operations over the years in the several Maine towns we own woodlots, including, Sweden, Lovell, Fryeburg and Stoneham. Don Feeney and Fred Huntress have been invaluable to us both in their advice and guidance over the many years that we have used their services and several thousands of cords of wood harvest, whether for saw logs or even for fire wood for heating our homes. Their careful and meticulous record keeping has allowed us to plan and do the best work with our accountants come income tax time also. We would NOT have been able to function as the best stewards of our lands   without their help over the years since 1990. Thank you all your wonderful help."
    -Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Jackson, Stoneham, Maine
  • "New England Forestry Consultants manages our five parcels, in four towns and two counties in New Hampshire. NEFCo provides us with services ranging from potential purchase and sale consultations, boundary-line maintenance, timber sale administration, stewardship planning, and wildlife and recreational opportunity enhancement. Our forester from NEFCo understands our objectives in multi-purpose land management and is persistent, thorough and competent in helping us achieve those objectives."
    -Patrick O'Donnell, Arden Forest, LLC Concord, NH


Shaping your legacy

New England Forestry Consultants, Incorporated (NEFCo) manages over 400,000 acres across New England and eastern New York.


NEFCo uses sophisticated technologies that enhance our core services providing cost-effective and efficient management.